Johan Ess
The new Johan Ess album, vltrahex.

Merging the whomp dimension with
industrial-strength electro cannons,
making way for glitchy brainwashed
celebrities, queer spastick magick,
and the occasional drop of pure evil,
these elements are fused into what
could be best described as Cvltstep.

Buy vltrahex on bandcamp for only $5! Guaranteed to make you feel filthy.

Calling all enthusiasts of experimental metal, dubstep, and industrial electronic music!!!

YOU MUST download and listen to this free new compilation of heavy glitchy noise beats of happy doom! It is brought to us by my friends over at Insidious Clothing who were so kind to put this tight album of underground artists together. It also has a pdf booklet with best-of photos for Insidious Clothing! The very first track on it is by me, Real Gib!

Cybernetic Netherworld | Experimental Metal, Dubstep, and Industrial Electronic Music Compilation
[ Download Here ]

Track Listing:
_1 Johan EssReal Gib
_2 WhourkrFreugz
_3 DeemsterFry
_4 TTMMDevil Fodder (Metalstep Mix)
_5 BaseckMuck
_6 2HCvsUOCoricidin Driveby Dialogue
_7 Disfiguring the GoddessTeeth of Emulation
_8 ToykultAutomatic Addict
_9 DJ Skull VomitTales of Grugela
10 CindergardenPlaythings
11 Rabbit JunkFrom the Stars
12 Bubblegum OctopusDigidock
13 [tlr]Be Who You Are (Bauhaus Mix)
14 The IlluministThe Arsonist


Wanted to announce that the first show since the release of my album will be at the experimental music festival, Feathers Music Conference, on Saturday, March 27th 2010 at The Laboratory in Gainesville, Florida.

This is a massive three day event being thrown by Mr Feathers! I will have copies of Synergy Latte on CD. Looking forward to performing some heavy transhuman electronic music for familiar faces at this event. Hope to see you all there!

FMC | Experimental Electronic Music Festival | March 25th-28th 2010


I have made four remix kits available from songs on my latest goth electro record Synergy Latte!

Included in each zip file are the individual tracks, rendered from the master song project. They will all align with 0:00 in the time clock of your Digital Audio Workstation, other than the included source and drum samples. To save space, some audio files include more than one track or type of sound. Edit Accordingly.

For your convenience, the BPM of each song has been included, as well as an Acid 6.0 project file as a reference point. You may notice that these electronic music sounds have been DE-mixed a bit, which is to offer you more options in your RE-mix! Vocals especially have had all their processing removed. If you require more specific source files, please let me know and I will try my best to accomodate you.

  • Turn Off – 133 BPM – Bouncy dance pop for mutants.
  • Young Life – 137 BPM w/ change (begins/ends @ 101 BPM) – Hypnotic ultra mind rave.
  • Financial Assassins – 198 BPM – Industrial breakcore from a bad fiscal nightmare.
  • Teh 8-Bit Standard – 180 BPM – Sardonic bitpop freestyle foolery.

You can email MP3’s to

To send the final wav file, upload to my dropbox…

Send me your remix

Hoping to get enough material for a release. At the very least, I will make the best ones available for listening.

Happy Remixing!


by Taylor Shechet

The cybernetic nightmare alchemist from the ultra cosmic sadness land of glitchy vortex beats is back with his newest masterpiece of politically relevant sonic trickery. Within the first few seconds of pulsating notes of synth bass and industrial sound effects you will be infected with Johan’s mutant manifesto. Digital growls, wicked limericks, and faux rapping in a voice like a cartoon villain attack with urgent calls to action and witty social satire.

The first track “Turn OFF”, is reminiscent of a modernized DEVO. Lyrics like “TURN OFF this iMorphine” poke fun at our branded and socially-networked existence and encourage the listener to “filter out the programming” and “interact with real people”. One of my personal favorite tracks is “Financial Assassins”, a gleeful jig across the corpse of the economy. Fans of Venetian Snares or Otto Von Schirach will love intense breakcore assaults like “Bloodtrocution (Sanguifried)” or Johan’s tribute to the dirty south gangsta lifestyle, “Real Gib”. One of the last tracks, the epic “Three Postulates of Worship”, features guest vocals by Rachel Haywire of MachineKUNT records.

The catchier, more vocal-centric style of Synergy Latte will open new audiences to Johan’s more psychedelic early work. However fans of his previous albums such as Govern Yourself Accordingly (2007) or Esshatology (2005) will not be disappointed, as there is plenty of weirdness to go around. Currently, Synergy Latte is available for free download or digital purchase from the website and will soon be available as a physical release featuring stunning album art by yours truly.


Johan Ess - Synergy Latte - Album Cover
This newest installment delves head first into a sea of shimmering synthetic melodies, razor-like sardonic voices, and intense digital programming that falls in line with the most mad-scientist laboratory music of our time. With an amusing mixture of several styles, deconstructing of memes, and biting sarcasm, this record takes you on an eclectic adventure through a strange yet familiar world gone dangerously awry.
released: 09/09/09
format: LP | CD + Digital
length: 48 minutes + 46 seconds
It was made between the months of November 2004 and September 2009 at various sites in Florida, but mostly in Daniawood off Exit 23.
All Lyrics and Music Design by Johan Ess, except for tracks 8-13:

Track 08 – 2006 remix of Tricil
Track 09 – 2007 remix of Poingly
Track 10 – 2007 remix of c-c
Track 11 – 2008 rEwrK of Kalxoriginal
Track 12 – Cameo vocals by Rachel Haywire
Track 13 – Grinding Rhythm Samples by Nate Sampsel

Art: Arrow star and cup illustration by Taylor Shechet. Graphic and text design by KALLISTI:DESIGN.
Special thanks to Ted Kefton of Tikitronic Laboratories for building a Tikitar (Serial #02), which appears on Track 04.
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