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Incarnated in the land of the Sun, initiated in the forests of the Appalachians, and subsequently invited to soak in the endless rains of the Northwest, I am but a single electron in an ocean of plasma who is here to broadcast a multitude of aural algorithms for the more receptive denizens of the multiverse. These uniquely formulated creations were specifically designed to improve your pataphysical awareness, opening the inner eye to the trickster within. Through my methods as an audio alchemist I transmute disparate elements into the crystallization of living thought-forms.

Johan Ess

Sound and rhythm can be conducive to generating a somatic state within oneself so for this reason the art and science of music has always been an intrinsic part of my existence. Over the past two decades I have released a number of studio records, the most recent being the EP Cranial Indiscretions (2018). Earlier works include the albums Vltrahex (2012) and Synergy Latte (2009).

Music video for the Johan Ess track Perfect World.

I also collaborate with other artists and projects such as ʈ ʈ ʈ l l l ɽ ɽ ɽ, GRYPT and HoodooEngine.

Music video for the HoodooEngine track Control Freak.

In 2010, I began recording with the band HoodooEngine as their lead vocalist thanks to some friends over at Mythos Media and we made two records, EgoWhore (2010) and Murder The World (2011). Talks between members regarding a third release have been ongoing and there may eventually be one.

Johan Ess performing live.

I have performed throughout the United States and have shared the stage with both obscure and independent acts in the past. Live shows have not occurred since 2014 after being abducted by aliens at a regional burn and returning to Earth as an interstellar mixologist with an urge to throw down the most infectious dancefloor bangers this side of the galaxy. This has led to a number of gigs in recent years performing as a DJ.

Show History:

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Each show is intended to create maximum gnosis within the minds of audience members. Efforts will continue to bring my esoteric form of world shaping using evolving currents of sound, thought, and technology.