Johan Ess the Alien Cyborg

These are my chronicles as a shapeshifting soundwave manipulator who came to blare aural algorithms for inhabitants of the multiverse. These specially formulated creations are sure to upgrade your pataphysical awareness, elevating confidence for those who feel outcast by their mundane surroundings. Currently residing in the mountains of Cascadia, my mission as an audio alchemist is to transmute sonic elements into the crystallization of thoughtforms within receptive minds.

Releasing underground music under various names since the 90’s, my death-defying descent into the electronic abyss as Johan Ess began in 2003, partially to rail against the fearful repression of this egregious era while simultaneously exploring the glitchy swag future using a laptop time machine. Since then, several studio records have been released, the most recent being the EP Cranial Indiscretions (2018). Earlier works include the albums segasseM egnartS (2015), Shout Out (2013), Vltrahex (2012), Synergy Latte (2009), and Govern Yourself Accordingly (2007), along with production and mastering assistance for a variety of artists such as [tlr] and Bradley The Buyer. I have been interviewed by entities such as the popular electronic music radio show Solipsistic Nation along with airplay on several radio stations, including Atlanta’s WREK and Glitch.FM.

Johan Ess performing live with laptop gangster skills.

I have appeared on stage as a salacious provocateur at events throughout the United States for years, such as The Fest, and Feathers Music Conference, along with electrifying performances at popular venues such as The Orange Peel and a longstanding weekly local DJ residency at Club Remix in Asheville. I have also shared the stage with artists such as Hanin Elias (from Atari Teenage Riot) and Otto von Schirach, along with many other talented performers.

Each show I throw down is intended to create maximum orgasm within the minds of audience members. Efforts will continue to bring my esoteric form of world shaping using evolving currents of sound, wit, and illusion. Such is the life of an occult celebrity…

Show History:

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In recent years, a machine-metal band known as HoodooEngine emerged from the aether, thanks to some friends over at Modern Mythology, and I jumped on board as the band’s demented vocal executioner. So far, we have unleashed two releases unto mankind, EgoWhore (2010) and Murder The World (2011). These records express an even heavier, darker, and meta-introspective side of my imagination. They are manufactured for both Everyone and No One.

Music video for the Johan Ess track Perfect World.