by Taylor Shechet

The cybernetic nightmare alchemist from the ultra cosmic sadness land of glitchy vortex beats is back with his newest masterpiece of politically relevant sonic trickery. Within the first few seconds of pulsating notes of synth bass and industrial sound effects you will be infected with Johan’s mutant manifesto. Digital growls, wicked limericks, and faux rapping in a voice like a cartoon villain attack with urgent calls to action and witty social satire.

The first track “Turn OFF”, is reminiscent of a modernized DEVO. Lyrics like “TURN OFF this iMorphine” poke fun at our branded and socially-networked existence and encourage the listener to “filter out the programming” and “interact with real people”. One of my personal favorite tracks is “Financial Assassins”, a gleeful jig across the corpse of the economy. Fans of Venetian Snares or Otto Von Schirach will love intense breakcore assaults like “Bloodtrocution (Sanguifried)” or Johan’s tribute to the dirty south gangsta lifestyle, “Real Gib”. One of the last tracks, the epic “Three Postulates of Worship”, features guest vocals by Rachel Haywire of MachineKUNT records.

The catchier, more vocal-centric style of Synergy Latte will open new audiences to Johan’s more psychedelic early work. However fans of his previous albums such as Govern Yourself Accordingly (2007) or Esshatology (2005) will not be disappointed, as there is plenty of weirdness to go around. Currently, Synergy Latte is available for free download or digital purchase from the website and will soon be available as a physical release featuring stunning album art by yours truly.


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