I have made four remix kits available from songs on my latest goth electro record Synergy Latte!

Included in each zip file are the individual tracks, rendered from the master song project. They will all align with 0:00 in the time clock of your Digital Audio Workstation, other than the included source and drum samples. To save space, some audio files include more than one track or type of sound. Edit Accordingly.

For your convenience, the BPM of each song has been included, as well as an Acid 6.0 project file as a reference point. You may notice that these electronic music sounds have been DE-mixed a bit, which is to offer you more options in your RE-mix! Vocals especially have had all their processing removed.

  • Turn Off – 133 BPM – Bouncy dance pop for mutants.
  • Young Life – 137 BPM w/ change (begins/ends @ 101 BPM) – Hypnotic ultra mind rave.
  • Financial Assassins – 198 BPM – Industrial breakcore from a bad fiscal nightmare.
  • Teh 8-Bit Standard – 180 BPM – Sardonic bitpop freestyle foolery.

You can email MP3’s to

Happy Remixing!

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