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If any of you have been watching my social media posts, you probably already know what has been going on with my creative output lately. For those who haven’t, proud to announce that I have joined an insane band called HoodooEngine!

HoodooEngine - EgoWhore Reptilian Album Cover
HoodooEngine band lineup. Our mothers still love us.

Originally going under the name Murder The World, the other members are James Curcio (aka @agent139), Marz233, and Iron Will (along with special guests like Scott Landes of MKIO). The material sent my way over the past couple years had really struck me as a profound musical statement and their podcasts were something not to be missed!

Johan hoodoo seizure.

Some odd kind of paradigm shift happened to the project when I met up with these individuals at their home base in Philly over the summer. Since then, I remember going through lots of screaming, audio alchemy work, and interaction with unusual supernatural entities. A couple months later and our first release EGOWHORE is now available for the digital ears of the internets and beyond.

My contributions include writing lyrics, performing vocals, the more wacky synth parts, and mastering for the first album. The kind of themes you will find here are morbid humour, dark sci-fi imagery, the world ending, and kinky sex.

We are currently working on a follow up full length for release in 2011. Oddly enough, as it was the former name of our band, the album is tentatively titled Murder The World. So far, it sounds like a tweaked out psychedelic flight across the Abyss.

Couple things I would also like to throw in here. As we have just given birth to this project, there is a dire need for EGOWHORE album reviews, interviews, podcasts, music videos, print publications, and public appearances. If anyone out there would like to get involved, help out, or is able to do such for us, in return we will gladly perform at your wedding!

For more information, check out hoodooengine.com and please follow @HoodooEngine!

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