Calling all enthusiasts of experimental metal, dubstep, and industrial electronic music!!!

YOU MUST download and listen to this free new compilation of heavy glitchy noise beats of happy doom! It is brought to us by my friends over at Insidious Clothing who were so kind to put this tight album of underground artists together. It also has a pdf booklet with best-of photos for Insidious Clothing! The very first track on it is by me, Real Gib!

Cybernetic Netherworld | Experimental Metal, Dubstep, and Industrial Electronic Music Compilation
[ Download Here ]

Track Listing:
_1 Johan EssReal Gib
_2 WhourkrFreugz
_3 DeemsterFry
_4 TTMMDevil Fodder (Metalstep Mix)
_5 BaseckMuck
_6 2HCvsUOCoricidin Driveby Dialogue
_7 Disfiguring the GoddessTeeth of Emulation
_8 ToykultAutomatic Addict
_9 DJ Skull VomitTales of Grugela
10 CindergardenPlaythings
11 Rabbit JunkFrom the Stars
12 Bubblegum OctopusDigidock
13 [tlr]Be Who You Are (Bauhaus Mix)
14 The IlluministThe Arsonist

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