Johan Ess - Govern Yourself Accordingly - Album Cover

Also includes a 16 Page Illustrated Manifesto!

Freak Grimoire Of The Nightmarish Surreal Past


  • Audio Vortex Technology
  • Stylized Reality Bashing
  • Meaningful Absurdity Algorithms
  • Laptop Celebrity Anti-NWO Pontification

  • Instant Coolness and/or Scene Points
  • Feelings of Superiority And Absolute Evil
  • Wig Out Any Car Next To You
  • Subvert Normalcy/Teleport Simultaneously!

There is something for everyone (on the fringe) in this release, with styles ranging from Laptop Punk, Illuminati Breakcore, Good Old Industrial, Creepy Dub, and even Indie Rock, along with three radical smash-up bonus remixes by Dino Felipe and :dz:! Also included in the packaging is a document written and illustrated by Johan Ess to transmogrify your soul-being into something useful. Representing three years of hard work, this album is Paradigm Challenging… Hellish Weird… Unrestrained.

released: September 15th 2007
format: CD LP + Digital

It was made between the months of December 2003 and November 2006 at various sites in Orlando, Clearwater, Tampa, and Gainesville, Florida.

All conceptualization, lyrics, and recording/engineering/production by Johan Ess.

Screaming “NOOO!!!” – Jared Whitham – ‘The Bavarian Rhapsody’
Professional Voice – Bonz Xylophone – ‘Anarko Flamingo’

Mastered by Maui Threv (Nophi). Additional mastering assistance by Randy Garcia (Nophi) and Omar Torres (subCon).

Originally released on Nophi Recordings.

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