Johan Ess - Shout Out - Album Cover

Exactly one year after the release of nightmare witchblap album VLTRAHEX comes a free new full-length release by the Prince Of Weirdness, Johan Ess. SHOUT OUT is a gritty beat-laden tribute to some of their biggest influences, such as David Bowie, The Mothers Of Invention, and Skinny Puppy. With some of these covers being recorded years ago, there are also a number of recent tracks on this release such as remixes of The Tleilaxu Music Machine and Otto Von Schirach!

released: 07/23/13
format: LP | CD + Digital

Produced by Johan Ess

Nomi vocals on track 2 by Romie Romak
Additional recording, vocal and guitar treatment on track 2 by Taylor Shechet
Electric Guitar and Solo on track 4 by Ravi Smith
Insane vocals on track 9 by Ted Kefton

Artwork by Mao

Track 1 is originally by Nash The Slash
Track 2 is originally by David Bowie
Track 3 is originally by Sisters Of Mercy
Track 4 is originally by The Mothers Of Invention
Track 5 is originally by Dave Ball
Track 6 is a remix of The Tleilaxu Music Machine with additional vocals by Jaymie Valentine
Track 7 is a remix of Otto Von Schirach and Mr Feathers
Track 8 is a remix of Master Genius
Track 9 is a cover/remix of a song originally by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
Track 10 is a cover/remix of a song originally by Johan Ess
Track 11 is originally by Skinny Puppy

Much gratitude and shout-out to all the people that I covered and remixed!

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