Johan Ess - Synergy Latte - Album Cover

This newest installment delves head first into a sea of shimmering synthetic melodies, razor-like sardonic voices, and intense digital programming that falls in line with the most mad-scientist laboratory music of our time. With an amusing mixture of several styles, deconstructing of memes, and biting sarcasm, this record takes you on an eclectic adventure through a strange yet familiar world gone dangerously awry.

released: 09/09/09
format: LP | CD + Digital

It was made between the months of November 2004 and September 2009 at various sites in Florida, but mostly in Daniawood off Exit 23.

All Lyrics and Music Design by Johan Ess, except for the following:

Bloodtrocution (Sanguifried) – 2006 remix of Tricil
Horny (anarchosyndiscomix) – 2007 remix of Poingly
This Is Post Human Bass – 2007 remix of c-c
Young Life – bonus 2011 remix by KroyClub
Teh 8 Rael Gibbits Ov Satanrd – bonus 2010 Giant Taco Megamix by [tlr]
Gematria – 2008 rEwrK of Kalx

Cameo vocals on Three Postulates Of Worship by Rachel Haywire.
Grinding rhythm samples on Banishing The Light by Nate Sampsel.

Art: Arrow star and cup illustration by Taylor Shechet. Graphic and text design by KALLISTI:DESIGN.

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