Johan Ess - The Fugue Episode - Album Cover
The Fugue Episode
Completed in early 2003, it was hand-distributed to a larger audience than previous albums, including luminaries met around that time such as Otto Von Schirach, Randy Garcia, and Richard Devine. It was also one of the first releases on the (now defunct) netlabel Alpha Cat Boogie.

Prepare yourself for bizarre incarnate. The Fugue Episode is the result of 2 years of intense audio exploration by the dark side of Johan Ess. It is undoubtably an “avant-weird” work, not meant for mass acceptance by any means. Enjoy if you can.
released: January 2003
format: cd-r LP
length: 1 hour 15 minutes + 23 seconds

This release was made between July ’01 – January ’03 at home in Clearwater, FL, and also at river house and the shitty townhouse, both in Orlando, FL.

Main vocals, keyboard, guitar, computer programming, and random objects performed by Johan Ess. Drums (found in ‘Tentacles’) by DJ Smith. Vocals (found in ‘Tentacles’) by Elizabeth Fernandez. Tabla (found in ‘Toes’) by Jessie Mangum.

Tracks 8 and 9 are bonus remixes of Trisma from the 2001 album “Manifest Destiny”.

Conceptualized, recorded, produced, and mastered by Johan Ess.

Self-released by the label Alpha Cat Boogie (aCb.0002). Cover art by Ted Kefton.

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