Johan Ess - VLTRAHEX - Album Cover

Marching against the ills of mankind while raising the freak flag higher than ever, something unusual is going on in the world of Johan Ess. Their new record Vltrahex challenges the authority of the mainstream with a refreshing ferocity while also teetering on the cutting edge of lazerblap wizardry. Merging the whomp dimension with industrial-strength electro cannons, making way for glitchy mind-controlled celebrities, queer spastick magick, and the occasional drop of pure evil, these elements are fused into what could be best described as Cvltstep. Three years since the release of their previous mutant full-length, Synergy Latte, Johan Ess keeps listeners haunted with the perturbing vibrations of Vltrahex.

This torrid collection of abominations will appeal to adherents of Skinny Puppy’s politically charged industrial, those who love David Lynch’s avant-pop sensibility, or even devotees of Psychic TV. Notable tracks include Sir Meowington, Occult Celebrity, and Spastick Witchcraft, all which ooze out of your stereo with a dark sense of urgency. Also included are excellent remixes spanning both coasts, crafted by upcoming producers such as Cheezface and KroyClub.

released: 07/23/12
format: LP | CD + Digital

Made from 2009-2012 while forming triangles between Florida, Philadelphia, and Ashelantis.

Produced by Johan Ess with contributions by these wonderful people…

Vocals and lyrics on both Spastick tracks by Gianna Love.

Tabla on ‘Spastick Witchcraft’ played by William Clark.

Guitar on ‘A World Against Gay’ by The Illuminist.

Functional Vanity – 2011 remix by Cheezface
Occult Celebrity – 2012 remix by Solarno
Spastick Madness – 2012 remix by Jhan Γ†on

Visual art by Taylor Shechet. Layout and Typography by Joshua Decker.

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