After a brief hiatus, something disturbing emerges from the odd crossroads of space-time…

Johan Ess - Strange Messages - New Weird Experimental Album

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STRANGE MESSAGES (or “egnartS segasseM”) is the newest release from Ashevillain sonic shapeshifter JOHAN ESS. This album might be Johan’s weirdest work yet, and that’s saying something. Johan has released more than a dozen albums under various monikers over the last 12 years, ranging from cynical IDM opera to breakcore to freak folk and industrial metal. He’s probed the murky depths of countless genres of electronica, noise, and industrial while sharing the stage with artists like Otto von Schirach and Hanin Elias of Atari Teenage Riot. Now, after many nights in the pyramid chambers of his home laboratory, Johan has emerged with STRANGE MESSAGES: an aural journey to another dimension.

The album opens with “Spear”, a churning cloud of sound and alien voices that draws the listener ever deeper into an abyss. From the blackness it emerges with “True Porpoise”, a cetacean celebration manifested in an oddly danceable proto-industrial thumper. Further down the “Spiral” we find “Strange Messages” – Alien voices sing a hypnotic lullaby over crashing waves of wobbly bass and vintage drum machines. We awaken to the agitated nightmare of “Demon Dust” and “Thing”. We drift across a frozen mirror dimension filled with “Shapes” into a bubbling laboratory of “Deformation” ending in… Potato Chips?


Exactly one year after the release of nightmare witchblap album VLTRAHEX comes a free new full-length release by the Prince Of Weirdness, Johan Ess. SHOUT OUT is a gritty beat-laden tribute to some of their biggest influences, such as David Bowie, The Mothers Of Invention, and Skinny Puppy.

Shout Out Album Cover

With some of these covers being recorded years ago, there are also a number of recent tracks on this release such as remixes of The Tleilaxu Music Machine and Otto Von Schirach! Also features killer album artwork by Mao. Look for this release out soon for free download. In the meantime, you can preview the album below…

Shout Out Album Art


Johan Ess - vltrahex - album cover

In a world desperate for maximalism, even wobbles can be converted into a commodity. Our senses are overwhelmed by shameless copycat techniques, hordes of bass zombies, and toxic body shots. Do we even have a future anymore?

Vltrahex is here to probe cynically for a shred of meaning in the ongoing nightmare that we all deny living in. It serves as a sinister mirror to stare into for disturbing insights, while it glares back at us with sheer horror.

Featuring the most infectious hooks in all the underworld with bonus remixes by Cheezface, [tlr], KroyClub, PB, and Solarno! Listen to a preview of the new album out NOW…


Johan Ess performing at Wicked Wednesday at Club RemiX in Asheville on February 1st 2012 Had a lot of fun dropping the witch house and performing last night at the new Wicked Wednesdays freak fetish dark dance night at Club RemiX in Asheville. Along with this filthy mix, I performed with my new bass mashup supergroup Scoundrel and ended the night with some straight up Johan Ess tracks and øscillatiøns øv døøm.

Definitely be sure to check out Wicked Wednesdays if you are in the area. Scoundrel is the house band for the night and we are always dropping our newest bass heavy bootygrime explorations. As well, there will be a different selector each week to keep your dark and dirty nice and phresh and philthy. Enjoy the grimey hex and don’t forget to hug the DJ! Your love is the best and Johan loves you right back.

Wicked Wednesday (2/1/2012 Witch House Set) by Johanna on Mixcloud


Wicked Wednesdays At Club RemiX in Asheville, NC


Coming in just a few weeks is the highly anticipated Extreme Futurist Fest, with a bevy of some of the most intriguing minds alive today. I will be making my west coast debut at this event, so if you live on that side of the country be sure to go. This is a highly rare opportunity to see me live along with performances by Hanin Elias, NoIzee, NoLongerHuman, The Tleilaxu Music Machine, Julie D:Stroy, DJ Hipgnosis, Malfaktor, and more… so don’t miss out! To find out more about this EXTREMEly one-of-a-kind occasion, visit the Extreme Futurist Fest site and make sure to get tickets!

Extreme Futurist Fest - December 16th and 17th 2011 - Los Angeles, CA
Extreme Futurist Fest - December 16th and 17th 2011 - Los Angeles, CA

Extreme Futurist Fest - December 16th and 17th 2011 - Los Angeles, CA

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